Shifting to Google Calendars

Wouldn’t it be nice for our Region 3 members to have a calendar that shows when and where ALL our Rallies are? If you’re out traveling or have a free weekend, how about contacting any of our Units to see if you can join one of their Rallies?

To make this possible, Region 3 is shifting to a centralized Region calendar built out of individual Unit calendars. This approach allows each Unit to retain active ownership of their Unit activities: Units can post updates to their Rally dates, add new activities and share more information. Thanks to technology, our centralized Region 3 calendar will be automatically be updated after any change in the Unit calendars.

What do we need to do? Two simple steps:

Your Unit Webmaster will activate your free Unit Google Calendar.

Once activated, any person approved by your Unit Webmaster can edit or add entries into your Unit Calendar.
That’s it!

In addition, if your Unit desires, your Unit Webmaster can create a calendar “widget” that will go on your Unit webpage – this “widget” will display your Unit calendar right in your website – no need for your members to go anywhere else.

The WBCCI Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) has drafted some instructions on how to turn on Google Calendars. Go directly to this article about using-google-calendars-on-your-wbcci-net-site.