he WBCCI Region 3 Classifieds are a free marketplace for members of WBCCI Units in Region 3 to place listings for Airstreams, parts and vehicles for sale.









Please observe the following guidelines when using the Region 3 Classifieds.

1.  WBCCI Region 3 is not responsible for transactions, WBCCI members are responsible for their own transactions.
2.  WBCCI Region 3 Classifieds are primarily intended for person-to-person sales of Airstreams and related parts, not for companies to advertise their goods.  Commercial ads are prohibited.
3.  Items for sale or wanted can be listed by emailing to the webmaster
4.  Items must be directly Airstream related (only Airstreams or their parts, all parts must fit an Airstream, or tow vehicles).
5.  items will be posted three months only per request — additional period(s) are only available by additional periodic requests from the seller.
6.  Seller/searcher shall promptly notify webmaster of items sold/found
7.  Webmaster may edit ads to fit.

Concerns or comments, please email the webmaster

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