Thank You Region 3 Members – Glenn Null (Dexter Axles)

An update on our friend Glenn Null of Dexter Axles from Steve Rosenthal.  For those not at the region rally, Glenn was working on a trailer (at another location) when the owner drove off with him under it. Glenn was very seriously injured and donations were accepted to help him on his road to recovery.

“To all Region 3 Rally Contributors

I thought I would let you know that Glenn called me today to thank everyone for the iPad and gift cards and accessories that we sent to help him during his recovery.

He was extremely thankful and very appreciative. He said that his son is going to help him get it set up and will help him learn to use his new iPad.

He also said that his days of “wrenching” were over, and that Dexter was going to use him to train new service techs to do what he does ,the way he does it, when he has recovered.

I would appreciate it if you would pass his thanks and appreciation to all that donated and sent cards to him. It touched his heart.

I have, along with everyone who Glen has ever helped, thought of Glenn as a friend, not just the Dexter Brake Tech.

Thanks to all that helped do this for him. If anyone deserves it he does.


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Traveling With Your Airstream – Bob Bennett

Visit the Caravanning page.

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Caravaning With Your Airstream – Bob Bennett

Visit the Caravaning page.

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Proposed Motions for Delegates to 2014 International Rally

Has your unit started talking about the delegates’ voting at this summer’s WBCCI International Rally?  There are three important motions up for discussion and voting at your unit’s next meetings.  Let your voices be heard!

You can see all the information about these motions  at this link in our Region 3 website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to write a comment below.

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WBCCI Happenings at Alumaflamingo 2014

We’re going to Alumaflamingo to see what this is all about. It’s bound to be a lot of fun — we’ve seen Alumapalooza, up at Jackson Center, and it was well run and a lot of fun. Add in Sarasota with all its attractions, a bunch of snowbirds, and this is bound to be a lot of fun.

Did you know WBCCI is hosting activities at Alumaflamingo this year? R&B Events kindly agreed to provide Region 3 with space for some of the events we like to hold in Sarasota every February. We thought you would like to see the calendar of these events ahead of time, so we have posted it as an attachment. Click here to see the attachment, a PDF copy of WBCCI Region 3 events at this rally.

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Dutch Oven Cooking

We’ve seen and tasted their cooking in Florida State Rally in Sarasota FL, Region 3 Rally in Atlanta GA, Alumapalooza in Jackson Center OH, International Rally in Huron SD, and perhaps many other locations too. They’ve tempted us to find a place in our truck for stowing and hauling our own dutch ovens. If only we had some recipes from our Airstreaming dutch oven chefs! Your webmaster will find a place to post the recipes as soon as he receives these.

Here are recent pictures from Region 3 Airstream dutch oven chefs:

BRP Dutch

This is from a Unit Caravan on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Fed 24 folks from these…with lots of leftovers


FSR Dutch

This is a teachable moment. We were making two different recipes at the Florida State Rally.


R3 Dutch

At the Region 3 Rally, there was dessert for everyone, thanks to the Dutch oven crew.

Huron Dutch

At the International in Huron, we had an interesting group, loving the shade…and the dessert.


submitted by Matt Hackney, SE Camping Unit (012)

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September 2013 HAPPENINGS

Vol. 1.10                                                                           Sept. 29, 2013


“Happenings” in Region 3


President’s Message                               Jay Thompson
Unit Review of CB&L                               Dick Martiny
Region 3 Website Improvements             Jim Cocke
Georgia Unit Christmas                            Warren Fore
Anderson’s as Good Sam RVer of Yr
Alumaflamingo Update                             Ron Allen
Thought from our travels                         Matt Hackney


President’s Message

Jay Thompson


I am preparing this in Gallup, NM on the SW Adventure Caravan on Day 39 of the total of 53 days, So we have only two more weeks of adventure.  Seventeen of the thirty-three units on the caravan are from Region 3!  We have experienced many adventures so far, ranging from hot air balloon rides over Gallup, mule rides into Bryce Canyon, narrow gauge train ride from Durango to Silverton. a “slick rock” jeep ride in Moab, a raft trip down part of the Colorado River and we still have the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  However, the best thing we are doing is making new friends as we enjoy visiting this scenic part of our country.  I encourage everyone to travel on caravan, whether a national or unit, long or short, it makes no difference because experiencing travel with other ‘Streamers is really great!

Dick Martiny has prepared an article about the need for Units to review and obtain approval of their Unit Constitution.  A very simple method to achieve this is to use the model constitution as shown in Appendix #6 of the Blue Book Bylaws and Policy.  This greatly simplifies the need to keep the Unit Constitution up to date.

Probably the last item for a current Unit President to complete is the Merit Award Application.  This needs to be completed and sent to me within 60 days of the installation of new officers.  Last year, 17 of the 19 units in Region 3 completed the application and were awarded the appropriate ribbons.  The reason for having this Merit Award is:  “To assist Units in planning and setting annual goals; to develop effective and well-managed Units; to serve as a tool to gather and share information on successful activities and to recognize excellence in Unit operations.”  That being said, I personally feel that it is more important for Unit officers to use the award application as a planning tool for the upcoming year than to complete the application just to receive a ribbon.  The application is simple to complete and should not require more than an hour to complete.  Please contact one of the region officers for assistance or if you have questions.

I would like to encourage the region Units to consider having joint rallies with other Units.  A joint rally with another Unit is a great way to meet other Airstreamer folks and an easy way to add variety to rallies.

Jim Cocke has an article about an initiative to have shared calendars between the Units in WBCCI.  Please look this over and have the Unit Webmaster contact Jim to include your Unit.

Last, but not least, I am encouraging everyone who is a Good Sam member to vote for Frank and Joan Anderson as “Good Sam RVers of the year.  Frank and Joan are one of the five finalists for this award.  Joan is the Region 3 Blue Beret Editor as well as the co-ordinator of volunteers at International.



Unit Constitution and By-Law Review

Dick Martiny

Growing up in a family with six siblings has many advantages.  It may have been more stress for my parents but they did a wonderful job of building a constructive, learning environment for us.  They started by establishing some norms and expectations which avoided the pitfalls ahead.  We knew what was expected and were allowed to question the norms if they were inconsistent with our desires.

WBCCI has norms and expectations.  Some are required by our corporate charter in the State of Ohio and others are agreements among our membership.  Some are documented in our Club’s constitution and bylaws.  In the Bylaws, Article VI, Section 2 is the expectation that every Chartered Unit will have their Constitution reviewed every five years.

The process for reviewing and submittinga CBL update is simplified by using the formats offered on the website.  The easiest method is to utilize the model Unit Constitution as shown in the Blue Book or on the WBCCI website and then have local Unit policies and procedures in a Unit Policy Manual which does not require review.  If the problem seems to be inconsistency between local records and the International records, it can be quickly clarified by contacting or    Your Unit may need to take the few minutes required to develop, approve, and submit your updated CBL.

As always, it can be easy.  It can be as simple as filling in the blanks and submitting the updated forms.  Let us know how we may help.


 Region Website Improvements 

Jim Cocke

WBCCI is improving steadily the quality and appeal of its on-line presence.  This will not disadvantage any of our members lacking connectivity, but may help our Club become more attractive and more accessible to more people. This in turn can translate to continued support for recruiting and retaining members.

We cannot “fix” our on-line presentation in one sweeping motion, but are working at it incrementally and in many areas.  Region 12 and Region 3 are at the forefront in one of the on-line improvements.

Our Region is working on an all-units initiative for shared calendars.  This can improve access to information for rallies and other events, and doesn’t require much effort on the part of our web masters.

I hope you will look over the attached information page ( and consider joining us in this venture?  The initial effort is to place at least your Unit’s October, November, and December events in the google calendar associated with your Unit.  We have three units (CarolinasNC, Shenandoah Valley and Georgia) on board, a fourth on deck, and are ready for another.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns — I will be happy to try to answer or help you any way I can.

Jim Cocke, #4822
Webmaster, Region 3
email Jim at


Georgia Unit #32 is prepared to celebrate Christmas

President Warren Fore has confirmed this year’s plans for celebrating the Christmas Holidays.  All members of Region 3 are invited to participate.

 The Christmas Campout will be held at Country Boys RV Park fromDecember 5 thru 7, 2013.  This RV park is located just a few miles from Rock Eagle.  The Unit has stayed there two previous years and enjoyed their time together.  They will conduct a trailer decorating contest and other activities.  Your reservation should be made by phone (706-342-1799 or 888-742-1799) directly with Country Boys RV Park, 2750 Eatonton road, Madison, GA, 30650.  Be sure to tell them you are with the Airstream Group.

The Christmas Luncheon will be December 7, 2013 at 12 o’clock noon.  This will be held at Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton, Georgia.  This is a beautiful facility with great food and always makes everyone feel welcome.  Tickets will be on sale at the October Installation Rally (October 23-27) for $20 per person.  You may purchase tickets from Warren Fore at 865-712-5672( to secure your reservation.  They expect to see all the Homecoming Folks there as well.  Please come and share the Christmas season with them.

 Vote for Frank and Joan Anderson

Dear Airstream friends,

Frank and I have been nominated to be Good Sam RVers of the Year.  We are in competition with four other deserving couples for this honor.  The Georgia Good Sam Director nominated us for our charity work with Lions International and Project Linus. The attached sheet will give you an idea of what we do and have done with these wonderful organizations.

Voting for this award is October 1 – 31 and there is only one vote per Good Sam membership. Please, if you are a Good Sam member, would you consider voting for us?  We would love to have an Airstream win this national contest. If you would ask others that you might know in your unit or park for their vote for us, we would be so grateful.

The Good Sam lady that I talked with in California told me that the winning couple would receive a “substantial” donation for their charity. Whether we win or lose we will continue working with our charities and continue to fund them to the best of our ability – but, oh, it would be so nice to get a little help!

Thank you for your friendship. If you would like to vote for us, we are the first couple listed on the

See you at another wonderful Airstream event!


Frank and Joan Anderson


7040 Barcelona Blvd

Macon, GA 31216


Good Sam RVers of the Year

Frank and Joan Anderson have been nominated for the Good Sam RVers of the Year. The national voting for this award will begin on October 1st and end on October 31st.  Each Good Sam Membership will be able to vote once during October.

The Andersons live in Macon, GA where they are both active in charity work – Lions Club and Project Linus.  Because of their involvement, they have been nominated by the Georgia State Director of Good Sam for this award. Joan and Frank are both involved in Airstream at the Region and International level – Joan is the Region 3 Contributing Editor for the Blue Beret and the International Rally Volunteer Coordinator and Frank is on the International Electric Committee and drives a tram at International.

Frank has been a member of Lions for 36 years and Joan joined 5 years ago. Together they collect used eye glasses to be repaired and then are given away to those who would not be able to afford them otherwise and they work at the eye clinic doing testing and fitting of glasses.  They have raised funds by selling brooms and mops and writing grants.

Project Linus has been a big part of their lives since it began in middle Georgia nine years ago. Project Linus offers security to children through handmade blankets. During the past 9 years over 37,000 handmade blankets have been distributed to children at Ronald McDonald House, Salvation Army safe houses, nurseries in three hospitals, the Children’s Hospital, schools, DFACS, CASA, Mentor Group, Family Advancement Ministries, Pediatric Service of America (medically fragile children under the age of 5) and various fire and police departments. Blankets have also been furnished to children who have suffered through weather problems such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. The blankets are called hugs and the blanket makers are known as blanketeers. Robins Air Force Base is also a recipient of the hugs – soon to be deployed sponsors and their spouses pick out a blanket for each of their children. The deployed sponsor hugs the blanket and gives it to the child. While the sponsor is away, the child can hug the blanket to feel closer to the parent.

Good Sam is a generous organization and we have been told that a generous donation will be given to the charity of the winning couple.  Because Project Linus is a non-profit organization, there is no money. We rely on donations of funds, material, yarn, and batting to make the afghans, blankets and quilts. A monetary award would be a tremendous help for buying more material to make more blankets to give more hugs to more children.

If you or any of your friends are members of Good Sam, please vote for the Andersons at any time between October 1 and October 31.



Alumaflamingo Update

Ron Allen

The Alumaflamingo Rally scheduled for February 18, 2014 to February 23, 2014 is going to be an exciting time for all those attending.  With an updated format, lots of new activities, outdoor activities and great entertainment we are sure there will be something for everyone.

I have the pleasure of scheduling the Potter Building which has been reserved exclusively for WBCCI Members.  The building can be used for Meetings, Training Sessions, Presentations such as Introductions to Caravans, Airstream Maintenance, etc., Luncheons plus much more.

If you would like to schedule a time to have any of these activities, please contact me using the information attached to this announcement.

I look forward to seeing you at the Rally!

Cecil Hoosier’s Winning Photo at International



This is Cecil Hoosier’s first place in Americana at the Huron International.  It was taken at the mule ride down into Bryce Canyon during the 2012 SW Adventure Caravan.  Cecil is the Regin 3 photographer.


Thoughts from Our Travels

by Matt Hackney


The Fall is a busy time for many WBCCI Units.  Many have recently, or will shortly, participate in an Installation Rally.  The changing of Unit officers is a very important time for our club.  It is an opportunity for each of us look for ways to expand our Airstream experience.  We each expect new ideas from our Unit officers and they generally do a good job in delivering.  How much better can the experience be when we are all looking for ways to help our Unit (and our club) broaden the activities we undertake?


Beth and I just returned from the Virginia  Commonwealth Rally where we performed officer installation for three of the Virginia Units.  This was our first opportunity to gather with most of these folks and find out not only what they have done in the past year, but also what they plan for the year ahead.  Many of the new officers we installed have served before, but that doesn’t stop them from bringing new ideas and plans to make this year better than the one just past.  We were encouraged by the enthusiasm for the club and for the direction Region 3 is taking.  We did hear comments about many of the recent changes.  Comments, both positive and negative, feed the next round of changes.  It is important to give and receive them with an open mind and a positive outlook, otherwise we cannot learn from one another.


As you know by now, we heard many comments from a group of Region 3 members in early June and are working with that group to form a new unit around their new ideas and feedback.  There are many other ways to foster the kind of positive change you and the other members of your unit want.  If you rely only on your officers to direct change, you make the job harder for them and separate yourself from helping to the future.  The best thing about the organization of WBCCI Units is that we are all customers, shareholders,  and workers for the same organization.  Most of the best ideas come from those willing to implement them.  Want to visit an interesting historical spot, take a factory tour, eat at a new restaurant, share a new game or help a local organization?  Why not volunteer to lead that activity for a future rally!


Many of you attended the International Rally this past summer and saw about 100 folks wearing buttons that said “Moving WBCCI Forward”.  Beth and I are among those who were wearing the button, and we are committed to do just that.  We aren’t making a political statement nor are we trying to go around the leadership of the club.  Quite the contrary.  All of us can help our leadership by finding ways to help.  We all have a wealth of experience and talents that we can share with others in our club.  Each of us should look at how we have always done things and ask how can we make changes to do it better, make it more fun, or involve others.


We participate in several non-WBCCI camping events each year.  At these events we learn new ideas, we publicize what we enjoy about our club, and we share experiences with people who have very different experiences and talents.  From these events we bring back ideas, new friends, and new members for the WBCCI.  In the process, we change our club just a little.  Wally Byam wanted not to make changes to Airstream trailers, only improvements. We hope that each of you will want to do the same for the WBCCI.    If you find yourself explaining that “we have always done it this way”, perhaps you should think about trying to do it just a little differently.  You might learn something new!  When each of us contributes our opinions, our best efforts, and our patience for others we all Move WBCCI Forward.


See you down the road.




President      Jay D. Thompson     850-212-4719                 
1st V.P.          Dick Martiny           478-472-2693                  
2ndV.P.         Matt Hackney         706-830-8039                     

Wally Byam’s Four Freedoms

1. Freedom from Arrangements-from reservations, schedules, in short, most of theinconveniences of modern travel.
2. Freedom from the problems of Age-trailer travel provides an antidote to boredom, an economical way to make new friends, visit new places, and share new adventures.
3. Freedom to Know-Trailer travel provides a better opportunity to get to know a country and it’s people and an increased opportunity to discover the world.
4. Freedom for Fun-All of the first three freedoms add up to the fourth.  You just plain begin to relax and enjoy life to the fullest.

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“Happenings” in Region 3, Aug 2013

President’s Message [by Jay Thompson]
Moving WBCCI Forward
Plans for Fall & Winter [by Matt Hackney]
Why are we unable to get leaders? [by Dick Martiny]
Traveling as a Team, with the WBCCI [by Airstream Company]
What causes Improvement & Change? [by Dick Martiny]
Region 3 in Sarasota

President’s Message
Jay Thompson

A group of active members of our national club have initiated a movement titled “Moving WBCCI Forward” and their statement of purpose is included in this newsletter. This effort is being developed and led by these members, not the IBT or International officers. They are asking for the involvement of all interested members. I suggest that each member carefully review the statement and consider becoming involved with them. A Copy of the “Statement of Purpose” will be added to the region website.

Also included in this newsletter is an article that appeared in the Airstream company’s digital newsletter “Live Riveted”. This is a great, positive article written by folks at Airstream about the advantages of being a member of WBCCI. The newsletter “Live Riveted” is a good newsletter and I recommend that everyone be on their mailing list.

The Galax Rally, sponsored by the region was successful with 45 rigs present, enjoying the music and the area. The rally next year will be sponsored by the region and volunteers will be welcomed to assist.

We are improving how important Unit and Region information is shared and look forward to discussing with Unit Presidents and Membership chairpersons on how their Unit may benefit as well as their role in this development. As each Unit has elections, please let Jim Cocke ( know and he will update the Region’s website. He has been updating the Region 3 website and recommend that everyone check it out. Good job, Jim!

We recently sent everyone a copy of the fiscal report for WBCCI and am pleased that many opened and read the report. Feel free to pass these to your friends in other regions.

Plans for the Fall and Winter?
by Matt Hackney
Fall is nearly here and many of our units will be installing new officers in the coming months. Please make sure your unit transition includes plans for caravans and a caravanning chairman. If your unit doesn’t have plans for a caravan or two in the coming year, step up and volunteer to lead one. As I have pointed out in past articles, you can take a caravan anywhere.
Don’t limit yourself to your Installation and Christmas Luncheon, there are some important opportunities you should consider in the fall and winter, but make sure you plan now. There are many Region 3 Units holding Rallies this winter so why not try carvanning south. You also can plan a trip to Sarasota in February. The Region 3 website now includes a Calendar feature. Make sure your Unit contacts the our Webmaster ( to post your events. You may be surprised to learn that our Region 3 Units include a wide variety of events and you may enjoy learning about those activities first hand.

Virginia and the Carolinas are each holding State Rallies, you may enjoy.

September 20 – 22, the Commonwealth Installation Rally is in Natural Bridge. The scenery and weather is beautiful in September.

Contact Harold Hamlett 804-769-0812, email: Lee 434-426-0956, email: for more information.

October 16 – 20, the Carolinas State Rally will be held at Palmetto Cove (Phone: (864) 836-6221) in Cleveland, SC. Again, the perfect time of year in a beautiful location. Plan to bring a Unit Caravan, or simply visit by yourself and take back ideas for your own Unit.

Finally, please remember that Region 3 will sponsor a variety of events in Sarasota. Groups are already scheduling their luncheon, dinner, or happy hour gathering at Alumaflamingo (February 18 – 23). We will feature presentations that show why WBCCI and our units are special. Contact Ron Allen ( to help us bring our story to non-member Airstream owners.

Moving WBCCI Forward

As members of the WBCCI, we take great pride in the fact that our club is the longest running, single-branded RV club in the United States. From its humble beginnings in the home of Helen Byam-Schwamborn in 1955, thousands of members have participated in unit, regional and international activities. Countless caravans have logged millions of miles and life-long friendships have developed based solely on our affection for Airstreams and the lifestyle it offers us.

Membership in the WBCCI hit its peak of approximately 25,000 members in the late 1970s. Since that time, club membership has declined to well under 6,000 members today. There are uncontrollable factors that include the nation’s economy and attrition, but there are also controllable factors that could be addressed and implemented to turn the tide and begin to grow our club.

An effort has begun within the WBCCI to identify, address and resolve issues with an emphasis placed on a member-focused club. If you had the opportunity to attend this year’s International in Huron, South Dakota, you undoubtedly saw our buttons,
“Moving WBCCI Forward”
We, the undersigned, who have taken on various leadership roles in our units and regions, are proponents of this effort to make improvements within our club. We feel addressing and resolving the controllable factors is vital to retain our club’s viability, heritage and standing in the RV community. Ultimately, we would seek club growth in line with the historically high sales of Airstream products that have been outlined over the past few years by Bob Wheeler, President, Airstream Company, Inc. and Justin Humphreys, Vice President of Sales.

What is
“Moving WBCCI Forward”? It is an effort to work within units, regions and our International organization to move forward yet still preserve our heritage and to recreate a member-focused club in which Airstream owners want to participate. It is an all-inclusive effort where club practices and policies serve to unite members, where all members are treated with respect, their views are valued and their voices heard.

What”Moving WBCCI Forward” is not is a set of changes or direction being given by the IBT or the International President.

What will “Moving WBCCI Forward” look like when implemented?
〈A long-term strategy in place with focus on members and membership growth. Member input sought and valued. Members treated like valued customers who in turn step up to lead their club. Club remains fluid, realigning priorities with the interests of members.
〈Communications improved and timely on all levels within units, regions, and International, with a strategic focus on utilizing electronic communication when possible. (Unit and Region websites, International Rally website and app, member surveys).
〈Unit rallies, caravans, Regional and International rallies that focus on fun, friendship and adventure. Less protocol required, positive attitudes, good value received for dues paid.
〈Club leaders, who inspire and represent members’ interests, work to alleviate ‘Them vs. Us’, and conduct club business with efficiency and minimal structure.
〈Efficient use of technology available to process information in the most cost-effective means possible, offering members the option of interacting with and submitting information to WBCCI online.
“Moving WBCCI Forward” Vision Statement
To work proactively within our Units, Regions and International entity to bring about improvements that move the WBCCI forward creating a member-focused club in which all Airstream Owners wish to participate.

“Moving WBCCI Forward” Mission Statement
To share our vision of “Moving WBCCI Forward” with all Airstream owners using various communication tools including the Blue Beret, websites, club newsletters and social media. Select high priority items that will move our club forward. Foster continued and improved communications and work within our units and regions to involve and grow our membership.

In order to continue our effort, we need your assistance. Step up when needed in your unit and your region. Work to bring about a positive change in the WBCCI. Provide guidance to new members. Each and every member has something to offer our club. Join the discussion and ‘Like’ our Facebook page: Moving WBCCI Forward.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Beardshear Jim and Lynda Polk
Region 5 Region 12

Matt and Beth Hackney Steve Rosenthal
Region 3 Region 3

Mona and Doug Heath Tom and Hedda Smithson
Region 10 Region 12

Steve Piotrowski
Region 7

Why are we unable to get Leaders?
Dick Martiny

The nominating committees are busy recruiting and interviewing individuals to lead WBCCI efforts. A quick review of our Membership Directory gives evidence of many parts of our organizations operating without the desired staffing. We are receiving details of the nominations of Units in our Region for next year. Many could not fill their Leadership needs. We are increasing in membership but are often unable to recruit volunteers to lead our efforts.
In recent news broadcast on a National network, the commentator noted that recruiting persons to fill congressional roles is more difficult, getting approval for judicial system candidates is nearly impossible, and having more than half of our citizens get out and vote is without precedent since the last world war. At the same time, more persons are participating in YouTube surveys every year. Last year, our citizens spent 10 times more hours on YouTube than watching television. Television is becoming obsolete. The commentator was reporting a condition most people found “uninteresting”.
What can we do to make “Leading” interesting and rewarding? We continue to simplify the tasks and time requirements expected of leaders. We have increased the use of electronic communication to reduce both effort and cost. We are providing mentors for anyone wanting assistance performing their role. We have increased the frequency of recognitions given to those who share the organizations workload. The newest members are bringing skills not available to many of their predecessors.
Successful organizations report that each member has something they uniquely contribute to the successful outcome. Do we know what each of our members contributes? Can we expect everyone to volunteer to do something? Do we accept “welfare” memberships? If everyone contributed something, the role of the Leader would be orchestrating the efforts to optimize those efforts. Politely ignoring “welfare” memberships will not provide a healthy organization.

Traveling as a team, with the WBCCI

from Airstream Company e-newsletter “Live Riveted”

Airstream since its creation, has always had a focus on community. After all, how many other travel trailer companies can boast something as unique and community-driven as the pink flamingo? Whether you’re new to the experience or a seasoned veteran, travelling in your Airstream is just more fun with others. That’s where the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) comes in.

The WBCCI was officially formed in 1955, but its roots begin even earlier than that. To build interest in Airstreams and to help encourage people to seek fun and adventure in new places, Wally Byam himself invited other Airstream owners to join him on the road. His original caravans spanned the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other countries around the world. They also inspired the formation of the WBCCI.

Today the club has approximately 6,000 official members – but many more participate, as spouse or partner of a member. Members are divided by region, and most join units within those regions, where they can caravan and camp together, in addition to meeting at monthly unit rallies.

The signature of a WBCCI member is the red number on the front and rear of each member’s trailer. This is their membership number, and is a public identification as a member of the WBCCI. “Airstreamers wear them with great pride,” says Fred Richardson, marketing director for the WBCCI – and a member, of course. “They signal new and amazing journeys far and wide, trailering history, and life-long friendships.”

And those journeys create great memories. “My favorite experiences are the caravans where you get to experience the same spirit of adventure that Wally set forth when he led his own adventure caravans,” Richardson says. “I’ve participated in several local unit caravans that lead me to sites and activities across this great country of ours that I perhaps would never have seen on my own.”

And new experiences are just more enjoyable as a group – and easier, too. “There’s always someone that can help if you run into any mechanical issues, and by going as a group the cost is much cheaper than on your own,” says Richardson. “We enjoy the fun, fellowship and adventure as we travel to and visit places we never dreamed possible. We have made lifelong friendships along the way just the way they did when Wally was leading the caravan.”

From the original Wally Byam-led caravans to today, the best way to experience the Airstream lifestyle is together. And since its formation, the Wally Byam Caravan Club International has been the easiest, most enjoyable, and best way to find other Airstreamers and explore the world together.

What causes improvement and change?
Dick Martiny

WBCCI offers a good package of benefits for owners of Airstream vehicles. Thousands of us agree and continue to renew our membership and volunteer to keep those benefits alive. It is difficult for those that are satisfied to understand the larger number of Airstream vehicle owners that have not made the choice to join us. Our Region has more members this year than we had last year and most every Unit has new members.

Before we conclude that those persons choosing not to join are not correct, we need to listen to what they are telling us about they need. It may not be something we want but does that make it wrong?

Our parents gave us wonderful opportunities. They had opinions of how to achieve a great future for us and their grandchildren. My parents had six children. Each of us developed our lives to fit our needs and desires. The outcomes have been noticeably different. Each reflects our individual priorities and choices. Three chose to be employed by successful corporations. Two started their own businesses. One did what was available when he and his spouse needed money. Given that they all received the same beneficial advice, how could they make such different choices?

Our Airstream vehicle family has significant differences in the current membership and more differences in those that have chosen not to join us. The Airstream Corporation, the WBCCI leadership, and many other creative individuals are seeking ways to satisfy the needs of those that have chosen not to join us. The efforts seem radical but they are extremely successful in several areas of our country. New Units, new programs, and new greetings are accomplishing what decades of doing what we did so well had not achieved.

When asked by a perspective member “what do you do in WBCCI?” Quickly give your answer and ask “what would you like WBCCI to do?” Listen closely without judging their thoughts. We have an opportunity to help more Airstream vehicle owners to join us and share the benefits of WBCCI membership.

Region 3 in Sarasota

Alumaflamingo is being held in Sarasota next February and Region 3 has been graciously provided a building for the event. We will feature a schedule of seminars, caravanning videos, member ideas sharing, and a Region 3 Board Meeting. In addition, Jay Thompson will be sharing information from the Mid-Winter IBT and asking for your thoughts heading into the summer. A schedule, listing our events, will be provided to all attendees. We have a chance to explain how the WBCCI can add Fun, Fellowship, and Adventure to Airstream owners.

Ron Allen has agreed to coordinate the schedule for this space and is looking for your Unit to provide programming. Please help us put together a full schedule of activities by contacting Ron at:


President Jay D. Thompson 850-212-4719

1st V.P. Dick Martiny 478-472-2693
2ndV.P. Matt Hackney 706-830-8039

“Keep your shiny side up, smile, and see you down the road”

Wally Byam’s Four Freedoms
1. Freedom from Arrangements-from reservations, schedules, in short, most of the inconveniences of modern travel.
2. Freedom from the problems of Age-trailer travel provides an antidote to boredom, an economical way to make new friends, visit new places, and share new adventures.
3. Freedom to Know-Trailer travel provides a better opportunity to get to know a country and it’s people and an increased opportunity to discover the world.
4. Freedom for Fun-All of the first three freedoms add up to the fourth. You just plain begin to relax and enjoy life to the fullest.

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New Region 3 Unit Formed

Region 3 issued a provisional charter to a new unit this month. A group of fourteen members decided to explore new venues by forming the Southeastern Camping Unit. The unit will hold rallies in National, State, and Local Parks; primarily in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Rallies will feature outdoor activities and “planned” pot luck meals.

Communications will be primarily electronic and you can inquire about joining electronically, as well. Contact Beth Hackney at for more information.

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Why Would Airstream Company Show Support For WBCCI?

Let’s say WBCCI and Airstream Company each unselfishly acted as though their futures were intertwined. Let’s say they could, without any fear of repercussions from inurement, openly and helpfully conduct business to aid one another. The two organizations were, at one time many years ago, just so intertwined and it sure worked to their mutual advantage.

Hmm, there might be a lot of good realized if . . .

picture of Airstreams going down the road

Airstream Company AND WBCCI worked together for new buyers and members?

Justin Humphreys, Airstream Company’s Vice-President of Sales, addressed many interested caravaners today at the WBCCI International Rally in Huron SD. His presentation to the auditorium’s standing room only crowd was aimed right at this bunch of Airstream owners / WBCCI members.

Humphreys compared 2012 sales to 2013 ytd, and showed the product lines relative market shares to other major brands of trailers and B-vans. He claimed he is a data-junkie, and proceeded to prove it. Humphreys shared graphs and comments about how 2012 was a record-setting year for Airstream. He went on to mention the Airstream Company had 330 employees as of early 2013, they are up to 390 employees and they are still hiring. Orders are backlogged for Airstream trailers and B-vans through December, a great positive indicator.

Airstream Company surveys purchasers of Airstream trailers and B-vans at 90 days after purchase, and studies the purchasers comments to better understand how to meet market wants and needs. Other data they obtain includes buyers’ ages, career status, household income levels, and awareness of the Airstream owners’ club.

Humphreys told the group, including WBCCI Region Presidents, International President, and officers, the data show several key points of interest to the WBCCI leadership. These key points are as follows:

picture of road sign

Keeping between the ditches sometimes isn’t enough!

    >Age of owners is pushing downward, evidenced by age of purchasers of new Airstreams.
    >1st Time owners are often unaware of WBCCI, the Airstream owners club, or of Wally Byam. This represents an opportunity for marketing outreach not only to new owners but perhaps more greatly to potential owners.
    >More than 1/2 of purchasers of new Airstreams are working. They have less time for RVing, are interested in shorter trips and weekend events. Family-oriented rallies and activities are likely to be most appealing to this large group of new purchasers. They are very likely interested in travel with friends. And they are attracted to Airstreams for lifestyle support.

Humphreys’ comments might provide key goals for a WBCCI region and unit’s leadership. And Humphreys seemed to clearly state, “Here is important information for your membership recruitment and retention. Your club would do well to attend to this for its own future growth.”

There is hardly a more avid group of Airstreamers than the WBCCI membership. We travel together, camp together, keep in touch, enjoy our RVs and love the brand. These qualities are infectious — we show others how much fun this is and they “catch it”. Just being infectious doesn’t guarantee spreading this delightful aluminumitis WBCCIers enjoy so much. Members have to work at it and can use great leadership at all levels to help.

Does it seem Airstream Company’s Vice-President of Sales is nudging our club, as if to say, “Move Forward”? Perhaps it would be a good selfishness for Airstream Company to wish WBCCI well in recruitment and retention — what’s good for WBCCI is almost certainly good for Airstream.

And if it is good for WBCCI, shouldn’t our WBCCI leadership (and members) find this a very good nudge? Actionable goals promoted by Club leadership and related to recruitment and retention could unite the Club into forward motion, toward improved member recruitment and retention and success for the Club.

Picture of man pointing

Keep Moving Forward!

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